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Homeslice Chip Co started with a spud of an idea and a love of crispy potato chips. We tested and re-tested processes and techniques until landing on the perfect potato chip, thinly sliced and baked to perfection. 

We source the highest quality Yukon Gold potato chips and oversee the entire process from slicing the potatoes to delivering to our retail locations. We are a proud Colorado-based, family run company aiming to bring you happiness with the perfect potato chip.

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Homeslice Chips start as the highest quality Yukon Gold potatoes. Why Yukon Gold? They have the perfect balance of starch and wax, giving them a buttery texture! 

We thinly slice the potatoes and then triple wash each batch which helps remove all the starch, allowing for extra crispiness.  

We then fry our potato chips in 100% canola oil and then remove any excess oil which locks in the crunch, then gently toss them in our signature spices. 

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